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Can I apply for a waiver?

YES, if you have:

  • A felony conviction, within the past 10 years, other than ineligible disqualifiers (listed to the right)
  • Been released from prison or on probation within 5 years after a felony conviction
  • Been identified in the Violent Person File
  • Lack of disposition for disqualifying events not listed under the ineligible criteria within the past 10 years

Note: Waivers must be resubmitted annually and if additional vetting is required.

No, if you are:

  • A wanted persons - open criminal warrants (felony and misdemeanor)
  • Identified in the Foreign Fugitive File
  • Identified in the Immigration Violator File (Unless it is positively confirmed that the individual has the legal right to be in the United States)
  • Registered in the National or State Sex Offender Registry
  • Known or Appropriately Suspected Terrorist (KST) File
  • Convicted of a felony listed below:
    • Rape
    • Human Trafficking
    • Sabotage
    • Terrorism
    • Child Molestation
    • Espionage
    • Treason

Apply for a Waiver


Obtain the ineligibility package from your company's RAPIDGate Company Administrator (RCA), which will include:

  • Waiver Release Authorization Form
  • Letter of Good Standing

Click here to view a sample version of these documents.

NOTE: An ineligibility package must be completed for each installation an individual requires access to. The individuals ineligibility notification will contain a waiver release authorization form for each installation on record.


Submit completed forms.

Submit the completed package within 60 days of initial notification of ineligibility.

Waiver forms must be sent to RAPIDGate Support via one of the following methods:
Emailed to: screening@rapidgate.com
Faxed to: (971)223-6496


RAPIDGate Support submits waiver packet to Installation(s).

PLEASE NOTE: A waiver package is required to be filled out and submitted to each installation for which an individual seeks a waiver. It is possible for an individual to be approved for RAPIDGate participation by one installation and denied by another. Each installation exercises its own discretion on whether to approve or deny a waiver request.




Each installation is requested to submit a waiver determination back to the RAPIDGate program within 90-days. RAPIDGate will notify the RCA of the waiver decision.

  • If APPROVED: RAPIDGate access to the installation will be re-activated and/or credential will be shipped to the installation for issuance.
  • If DENIED: RAPIDGate access to the installation will be deactivated and/or credential not created.

If the installation(s) does not provide a decision to the RAPIDGate program within 90-days of receipt, the individual will be notified that the waiver request was denied due to no response.

NOTE: Installations may reach out directly to the individual for additional information.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I am ineligible for a waiver?
If you do not meet the waiver criteria, you can follow-up with the Installation(s) to see if they have an alternative access option.

Do I have to apply for a waiver every year?
Yes, a new waiver must be submitted annually at time of renewal.

What if I did not receive my commercial background screening report?
If you did not receive your background screening with your ineligibility notification, please reach out to: info@rapidgate.com or 1.877.727.4342.

Do I have to fill out a separate ineligibility package for each Installation I need access to?
Yes, a separate ineligibility package must be submitted for each installation in order to get the installations approval/denial for a waiver.

How long do I have to apply for a waiver?
Individuals have 60 days from date of notification to apply for a waiver.

Can I mail in my waiver forms?
We encourage you to fax or email in your application to expedite the process. However, if you do not have access to an email or fax, individuals should call 1.877.727.4342 for assistance.

Can my waiver be approved for access by one installation and denied for access by another?
Yes, this is accurate.  A waiver must be submitted for each installation that an applicant needs access to. Each installation has the opportunity to approve or deny the waiver request at their discretion.

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Still have Questions?
If you have any questions about the above or about the process please contact us at info@rapidgate.com
or for answers to frequently asked questions visit: www.rapidgate.com/faqs