RAPIDGate Premier

Enhanced RAPIDGate Features For Vendors, Suppliers And Service Providers.

RAPIDGate PremierTM is a high-assurance identity credential. PIV-I allows a single credential to be interoperable across various government agencies. The PIV-I credential uses the same type topography as the standard RAPIDGate Program credential. However, in addition, PIV-I credentials contain digital certificates. The credentials with PIV-I capability may only be customized topographically for government customers within the policy limitations and standards set forth in and by PIV-I, FIPS-201, and applicable government agencies.

Fortior Solutions' PIV-I program is cross-certified with the Federal Bridge Certification Authority through the Symantec Non-Federal Shared Service Provider (NSSP) program. Fortior Solutions' issues PIV-I credentials that chain up to the Federal Bridge and may be trusted by all levels of the Federal government that rely on the Federal Bridge's interoperability PKI.

Enhanced RAPIDGate features include:

- HSPD-12 Interoperable Smart Card
- Federal Bridge Cross Certification
- Meets Federal Standard for ID Verification
    - Biometric Check
    - Physical Access
    - Supports Logical Access Control and Services
    - Data Security 
       - Digital Security
       - Encryption
    - PIN Code Authentication
    - FBCA Check
    - Tamper Check
- Security Screening + Background Monitoring
- Enforcement Hardware
- Security Activity Reporting
- Professional Services

- Credential valid for 3 years

The PIV-I credential is manufactured to federal standards and follows a secure issuance process so that it can be trusted by military installations and commercial enterprises throughout the United States and its territories. Watch this video to learn more.

Trusted Access at Minimal or No Charge to the Government

The RAPIDGate Program seamlessly combines identity assurance and access management into single, end-to-end solution. The cost-effective, multi-facility program is financed through program participant subscriptions and utilizes high assurance identity credentials tied to installation-specific access privileges.

Full Lifecycle Program Management

A full lifecycle program includes company enrollment, participant registration, equipment, initial and recurrent background vetting for suitability, identity credential production and issuance, electronic management and enforcement, activity reporting, system maintenance, and training.

Proven Performance

The current RAPIDGate® Program is operational at more than 66 government installations and facilities across the United States and its territories, processing millions of trusted access ingresses per year.

The RAPIDGate Program provides a comprehensive set of equipment, software, and support services that ensure operational success.

Registration Station

The RAPIDGate Program includes an ADA-compliant, multi-language registration station. This biometric kiosk includes a digital camera for registrant photos, a fingerprint scanner for capturing biometric data, and a web interface for submitting biographic information.

Handheld Scanners

FIPS 201 compliant handheld scanners read the barcode associated with the RAPIDGate Premier credential. Additionally, the scanners have the capability to read biometric data and magnetic stripe, and also offer a keyboard for PIN input. The scanners have a color display that is easy to read and connects wirelessly via a secure FIPS 140-2 connection to the Guard Station Infrastructure.

Guard Station

The Guard Station Infrastructure is comprised of a FIPS 140-2 compliant EFS-encrypted enforcement server with secure communications, a secure firewall, an uninterrupted power supply (UPS), and a locked, protective cabinet. All equipment is DIACAP (Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process) certified.

Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication enables a risk-based authentication scheme. A PIV-I credential is able to be electronically authenticated, perform a knowledge-based PIN code check and a biometric match via a stored fingerprint template. These authentication factors, along with a tamper-proof digital photograph, provide high levels of assurance when used with secure access control technology.

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