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Multi-credential authentication for enhanced identity management

Enhanced Capability

The RAPID-RCx® Program is an Identity Management and Perimeter Installation Access Control Program with the basic capability designed to manage persons holding Common Access Cards (CAC), military retiree and dependant credentials (TESLIN), TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential), PIV, PIV-I, U.S. State and Canadian Provincial-issued driver licenses (DLs) and Identification Cards (IDs) (except Quebec).

Using the same hand held device as the RAPIDGate Program, the RAPID-RCx Program provides the capability to scan, read and match these credentials against negative lists at installation perimeter Entry Control Points (ECPs) and/or Visitor Control Centers.

Improved Security in Seconds

The RAPID-RCx Program cross-checks credentials against local barment/no-entry/no-work lists, and dozens of open source criminal databases in just seconds.

Trusted Data Referencing

The RAPID-RCx Program electronically validates PIV and PIV-I credentials to the U.S. Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA), and TWIC to the TSA TCCL (TWIC Canceled Card List).

Proven Performance

The RAPIDGate Program is currently operational at more than 66 government installations and facilities across the United States and its territories, processing millions of trusted access ingresses per year.

The RAPID-RCx Program

- Fully integrated with the RAPIDGate Program
- Adheres to FIPS 140-2 Secure Connection Protocols
- Verifies PIV and PIV-I to the FBCA
- Verifies TWIC to the TSA TCCL
- Provides monthly activity reporting
- Cross checks credentials against:
      - Local installation barment/no-entry/no-work lists
      - Open source, law enforcement, and criminal justice databases
- Authenticates over 200 U.S. driver license formats, state-issued ID formats, and Canadian drivers licenses (excluding Quebec)

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