What if my employee has issues using the fingerprint scanner at a RAPIDGate Registration Station?

In the event of a scanning issue, please attempt the following troubleshooting methods:

  • Use Scotch tape to clean off the scanners
  • Try using alternate fingers
  • Wash hands (we do not recommend hand sanitizer as this can damage the surface of the scanner)
  • Try using lotion on fingertips (especially if hands are dry)
  • Rub fingertips together or on clothing for heat friction (especially if registrant’s hands are cold)

If the registrant is still unable to successfully scan their fingerprints, please call RAPIDGate Customer Support. We will respond within 48 business hours to schedule an appointment for a RAPIDGate technician to come on-site and assist with the registration process at the facility.

If the RAPIDGate Registration Station is down or not functioning, please contact RAPIDGate Customer Support.

For more tips on successful registration, please go to rapidgate.com/tips to read a guidebook on tips