What are my responsibilities as a RAPIDGate Company Administrator (RCA)?

The RAPIDGate Company Administrator (RCA) is responsible for:

  • Creating a RAPIDGate Company Administrator (RCA) Personal Identification Number (PIN), and reference it each time you reach out to customer support about your account
  • Provide approval for company enrollment/renewal and associated charges
  • Provide your Company Code and send your employees to register at one of the RAPIDGate Registration Stations
  • Provide billing approval for new employee registrations and renewals
  • Manage company and employee information for the RAPIDGate program
    • Update company method of payment
    • Employee credential deactivation
    • Non-Qualified employee Issue Resolution
  • Credential replacement/credential distribution
  • Distribute all necessary communication from Fortior Solutions to registered employees when applicable
  • Collect credentials from employees who are terminated or no longer are with your company and notify RAPIDGate Customer Support immediately