Recovery and Destruction of RAPIDGate Credentials

As a RAPIDGate Company Administrator (RCA) it is your responsibility to recover and effectively destroy expired and/or deactivated RAPIDGate credentials.  This specifically includes the credentials of employees whose employment has terminated; employees who have been deactivated from the RAPIDGate program (e.g., due to misuse of a program credential or due to a background screening fail result) and employees who no longer have a need to access the participating military facility. 

There are a few simple steps you must take to ensure your company properly handles credential recovery and destruction:

  • Recover and Destroy Credentials – Credential should be recovered and destroyed immediately. Credentials must be shredded to ensure credential cannot be utilized. In addition, please notify RAPIDGate with the reason(s) why your employee no longer requires access.  We will effectively deactivate the credential.  Please note that a credential cannot be reactivated once it has been deactivated.
  • Monthly Review – Change can happen at any time. Therefore, to ensure that your company is in compliance with proper credential recovery and destruction, we recommend that you perform a monthly review of all active credentials and employee statuses. For your convenience, we send a list of all active employees monthly.  In addition, you can request an active list via email or phone at any time.
  • Keep a Log – We recommend that you keep a current log of all your employees that have active credentials. When an employee leaves or changes jobs, you can then indicate in that log the date that you recovered and destroyed the employee’s credential. Please click here for a sample Log Template.