RAPIDGate Premier Credential Renewal

After three years, the certificates on the RAPIDGate Premier credentials expire, and a new credential must be issued. The new credential will display the same picture, same name, same company, but will have a new expiration date.

  • If a replacement credential is needed, you will be notified during the renewal process
    • There is a $40 fee associated with credential replacement.
  • Re-registration is not needed to receive a replacement credential. The new credentials will be automatically shipped to participants’ primary work facilities upon payment authorization unless a new primary facility is requested
    • If a participant’s primary work facility has changed, please notify RAPIDGate Client Services & Support by calling 877-272-4342
  • You will need to have your new credential issued, which means:
    • A notification will be sent once the credentials is ready to be picked up
      • You will need to schedule an appointment
      • You will  need to bring two forms of ID
        • Good news! You can use your old RAPIDGate credential as one of your two forms of ID, along with a driver’s license, passport, or other form of identification located on our List of Acceptable Documents.
      • If the replacement credential is not issued within 60 days following notification of availability, the current RAPIDGate credential will be deactivated, and a new replacement must be ordered.