How do I disable (turn off) an employee's access privileges?

You have two choices:

  1. Click here to submit your request.
  2. Call RAPIDGate® Customer Support. Let the representative know you are requesting to turn off access privileges and provide a reason for the request.  The “reason” you give for turning off the employee's access privileges determines:
    • Whether the access can be reactivated at a later date, or
    • If a new replacement credential will need to be ordered should the employee’s access needs change.

Reasons for turning off access include:

  • The employee is still employed with your company, but needs to turn off RAPIDGate program access  for a short time
    • Employee’s participation is disabled
    • Credential is not deactivated and the non-expired credential has the ability to be used once RAPIDGate program access is enabled
  • The employee is no longer with your company and/or will no longer require RAPIDGate program access.
    • Employee’s participation is disabled
    • Credential is deactivated and a new credential must be ordered if RAPIDGate access is enabled (Credential Management Fee charges apply)