Enroll Credential

Enroll easily into the RAPIDGate Program with just a few simple steps.

Registration Process

Visit Registration Station
Register Information
Background Screening Process
Credential Issuance

1. Find the registration station closest to you

2. Register at the Registration Station

RAPIDGate Credentials


Download the PDF guide book for a step-by-step overview of the registration process.

RAPIDGate Registration Tips

Consejos de Registro En Español
Mga Tip Kung Paano Magparehistro

User Agreements

Agreement provided during registration
at the registration station.

Download the Individual User Agreement
Descarga el Acuerdo de Usuario

3. Background Screening Process

Background screening process may take up to three weeks
and will include the following:

  • Government database check and commercial background screening
  • Identity validation
  • Electronic database screening: ICE, INTERPOL,
    Registered Sex Offenders, Watch Lists, etc.
  • County and federal criminal screenings

4. Credential Issuance

RAPIDGate Credentials

You will receive a notification email for credential issuance with directions on how to pick up the RAPIDGate credential.

What to expect:

Allow minimum of 15 minutes for issuance

  1. Identity Proofing: bring two different forms of identification. Both must be originals and current, as expired or canceled documents are unacceptable. One document must have a photo.
    Please view Acceptable Identitification Documents for a complete list.

    Avoiding Credential Issuance Delays

    Many RAPIDGate® participants are unable to pick up their credentials on the first appointment because they bring the wrong identity proofing documents. Save a trip and avoid a second appointment by providing the appropriate Acceptable Identitification Documents.

    Make sure the identification documents you bring match the name you registered with!
    To learn more, see the Name Matching Reference Guide

  2. Fingerprint Scanning: You will be asked to rescan your fingerprints to match the print SureID has on file
  3. Certificate Writing: Certificates will be written to your credential (7 min)
  4. Subscriber Agreement: You will be required to sign a Subscriber Agreement to receive your RAPIDGate Program Credential

Subscriber Agreement

Agreement provided during credential issuance, governing your rights and obligations with respect to the receipt and use of a PIV-I Credential issued to you.