Enroll Company

Enroll easily into the RAPIDGate Program with just a few simple steps.

Enrollment Form Process

User Agreement
RCA Agreement
Company Information
Facility Information
Billing Information
Review and Submit

Information to Include When Enrolling

Download the Enrollment General Checklist

For successful enrollment, make sure you have prepared the required information beforehand.
Some facilities require additional or specific information. Please check to see if your facility has requirements before enrolling.

General Checklist

  1. Facility Information
    • Organization Name of Tenant Sponsor (TS)
      • An Organization Name cannot be the name of the facility or a branch of the military
    • Local tenant sponsor and contact information
      • Recommended to have a military or government official as the listed tenant sponsor
      • To find out if your facility requires specific/additional enrollment information please contact your Tenant Sponsor

      Click here to learn more about who can sponsor your company

    • Contract number and expiration date
    • Prime contractor information (if available)*
    • Military Branch tenant sponsor (if available)*
  2. Billing Information
    • May Pay by using a Check, E-Check, or Credit Card

*May be required

Click here to find out more about Tenant Sponsors
Click here to find out who can sponsor your company

Facility Specific Information

Please contact your Tenant Sponsor (TS) for specific information
required to access the facility you wish to register with.

We are working on an interactive list of Facility Specific Information
and will add it here once complete.

To see the list of RAPIDGate locations, search the map below.

Apply Here to Enroll your Company

The form will time out and delete all data after 20 minutes of activity, so please review the above information to be prepared.

Next Steps After Company Enrollment

  1. RAPIDGate representative contacts facility and verifies company for access approval (Approval process takes 1-3 weeks).

  2. Once your Company has been approved, RAPIDGate support will process your company enrollment fee.

  3. Welcome letter sent to to include company code and instructions for employees to register.