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Click the link below to start your easy online enrollment for your employees. Please allow approximately 15 minutes for this process. When your application is received, we will contact you to verify your company is qualified. Once approved, your employees can follow the Individual User Enrollment Process as drawn out below.

Enroll Online

RAPIDGate Individual User Enrollment

Step One


Step One

Below is a copy of your User Agreement to retain for your records. You will be asked to accept these terms at the registration station.

User Agreement

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Step Two  

Step Two

Use the registration station map below to find your closest installation. Simply go to any self-service RAPIDGate registration station located on the installation to apply.

Adding a facility to your already active credential?
Simply contact your RCA.

Step Three  

Step Three

The specific facility or installation where you require access will determine the type of credential you need. If you register for a RAPIDGate Program credential, after enrolling you will receive an email stating that your credential is ready for pick up. This email will also inform you of what acceptable identity documents to bring with you.

If you register for a RAPIDGate Premier (PIV-I) credential, after enrolling you will receive an email with a link for scheduling an issuance appointment. You’ll need an appointment to pick up your RAPIDGate Premier credential, which will be available approximately 14 days after your enrollment date.

If your credential is not RAPIDGate Premier (PIV-I), you must call this number to activate it:

Activation may take 24-72 hours


View Registration Locations  in a full screen map

To move the map (pan), simply click and hold your mouse, then drag the map. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the map north, south, east, and west. You can also search by state, installation name or zip code.